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Environmental Policy

We care about our environment here at The Friary.


As a provider of catering we undertake to ensure that our activities not only comply with environmental regulations but exceed them wherever possible in every aspect of our operations.


We recognise that our greatest influence will be with food.


We will promote healthy and sustainable practices in all aspects of our food sourcing, production and service whilst taking account of our diverse, international and wide customer base.


We recognise the significant impact which catering operations can have on the environment

We want to reduce our carbon footprint on the world so therefore we.


  • Have changed our packaging to make sure its recylable or compostable where possible

  • Our waste oil is uplifted and recycled

  • We reduce our food miles whenever possible by sourcing from local suppliers. Where non local suppliers are used we will keep deliveries as infrequent as practical and encourage suppliers to use modern fuel efficient vehicles.

  • We monitor our water, gas and electricity to ensure we are doing our best.

    • We use LED technology for our lights and menu boards

    • We cook with the most uptodate energy efficient equipment.

    • We use non paper based systems for advertising, marketing and communication whenever possible

    • Our efforts are on going so that new systems, products and innovations are explored and implemented where feasible.

  • All our woste that can be recycled is

    • We will dispose of obsolete equipment in an environmental friendly way encouraging reuse where practical to do so

  • We believe in ethical souring and the provenance of products offered is of the utmost importance

    • Our fish can be traced right back to the boat that caught it and is only from sustainoble sources

    • Our beef is just beef and our chicken just chicken

    • Our batter has no artifical additives

  • We are committed to an ongoing policy which will minimise our environmental impact

  • We implement & promote our environmental policy throughout our entire business and make our staff fully aware of this

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